Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spacesex by Claude Challe (2oo7)

Claude Challe is an idiosyncratic figure in France's musical landscape, more a catalyst and — some might say — visionary, rather than musician. Challe managed to be on the cutting edge of youth fashions across the 1960s and 1970s, reappearing in the late '90s with even greater appeal. His CV boasts that he is an international DJ, fashion and nightlife entrepreneur, and new age guru — all of which is, more or less, true. Yet a large part of his reputation comes from his association with celebrities (via his nightclubs) and his reputation as a ladies man non pariel. This and the fact he's long been recognized as Paris's premier club DJ. Of Tunisian descent, Challe's father was a rabbi who shifted the family to Paris when Challe was three. He claims that those early years — the mix of Arabic sounds, Jewish mysticism and French culture — shaped his destiny. He has since spent his life pursuing his ideals, working under the motto, "too much is never enough."


1.Tina Dico - Break Of Day (The Stella Polaris Allstars Remix
2.Kieser Velten With Jen - Kiss Me
3.Private Show Volume III - Kiss Me
4.Gaudi - Tutta Pe, Me
5.The Lushlife Project - Spielplatz
6.Philippe Nicaud - Separation
7.Chill-Ish Feat. In-Grid - Un Beau Roman (Une Belle Histoire)
8.Blown - Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus (I Dub You Remix)
9. Grand Orchestre Du Comptoir - Ana A Dounia
10.DJ Disse - Walk On The Wilde Side
11.Freedom Dub Feat. Laura Finocchiaro - Indy
12.Sixth Finger - Paint It Black
13.Faithless Feat. Cass Fox - Music Matters
14.Louie Vega Mix - Walking On Thin Ice
15.Claude Challe - Orgasmus

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Cold War Kids - Robbers And Cowards

Having shaped their sound and imagery with three EPs for Monarchy Music and a demanding touring schedule, it's not a surprise that Cold War Kids have more presence on their first full-length, Robbers & Cowards, than many bands do on their debut albums. Their evocative, oddly soulful vignettes contain shades of Spoon's sardonic, piano-driven rock; the insistent, jittery feel of One Time Bells-era French Kicks; the poetic, rumpled ramblings of the Walkmen; the stripped-down bluesiness of the White Stripes; and in their more theatrical moments, a ghostly trace of Jeff Buckley, as well as touches of folk and gospel. That's not to say that Cold War Kids are derivative — it's more like they take inspiration in classic sounds (indie or otherwise) and tweak them to their own designs. And even if there's more comforting, built-in familiarity with a touch of freshness in their music than radical originality, there's something to be said for familiarity, especially when it's done this well. For fans of the band's EPs, Robbers & Cowards will sound familiar for another reason: it takes most of its songs from Up in Rags and With Our Wallets Full, giving them a slightly fuller, cleaner sound. Fortunately, this only enhances the band's most distinctive assets: Nathan Willett's high-pitched, nasal, vibrato-heavy voice, a love it or hate it instrument that gives Cold War Kids a huge part of their character, and their way with storytelling and lyrics with a bookish eye and ear for detail. "We Used to Vacation," a dry-eyed account of alcoholism's effect on a family, and "Passing the Hat," a tale of stealing from the collection plate at church that sounds like it could be from an indie rock musical about the Great Depression, combine both to great effect, but it's the genuine warmth in "Hospital Beds" that makes it the finest moment on an exciting, accomplished debut album.

1.We Used to Vacation
2.Hang Me Up to Dry
3.Tell Me in the Morning
4.Hair Down
5.Passing the Hat
6.Saint John
8.Hospital Beds
10.Red Wine, Success!
11.God, Make Up Your Mind

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