Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Cinematics - A Strange Education

On their full-length debut, the Scots band the Cinematics recall the early-1980s bass heavy dance grooves of bands like New Order and Simple Minds, notably on the angst-ridden “Break” and the rolling, percussive “Asleep At the Wheel”. “Rise and Fall” cruises along on the crest of a contemporary sounding hypnotic wave of rhythm guitar, with singer Scott Rinning sounding like a cross between the Cure’s Robert Smith and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. And while some may write this outfit off as another countless act in the recent dance-punk movement, ‘A Strange Education’ shows that the Cinematics have a bit more maturity and a promising future.

1. Race To The City
2. Break
3. Strange Education, A
4. Human
5. Chase
6. Rise & Fall
7. Sunday Sun
8. Keep Forgetting
9. Ready Now
10. Maybe Someday
11. Alright
12. Asleep At the Wheel

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