Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Photo Atlas - No, Not Me, Never

On its restless 2007 debut, ‘No, Not Me, Never’, the Photo Atlas unveils its bristling brand of dance-punk. The Denver-based quartet wears its influences proudly, with an intense sound that owes a great debt to Fugazi, particularly on the uber-angular “Handshake Heart Attack” and “The Walls Have Eyes,” which both find frontman Alan Andrews channeling Guy Picciotto via urgent, raspy yelps and sharp, stabbing guitar riffs. While the group is clearly in a lineage of ensembles such as the Rapture and Radio 4, the Photo Atlas’s tight interplay and sheer punk energy point to a slightly different path than the one followed by those more established acts.

1. Electric Shock
2. Merit
3. Light And Noise
4. Walls Have Eyes, The
5. She Was A Matador
6. Red Orange Yellow
7. Broadcasting Feedback
8. Little Tiny Explosions
9. Cutback
10. Handshake Heart Attack

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