Friday, April 20, 2007

Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future (2oo7)

Although many feel that the “New Rave” movement taking Britain by storm is just the latest fad, the “pioneering” Klaxons prove their much more than just hype. ‘Myths of the Near Future’ is a solid listen all the way through, yet one may not hear much “rave” sound, so to speak. Any “rave” attitude is filtered through a Radiohead-like embrace of huge guitar-electronic melodrama, making ‘Myths of the Near Future’ sound more like Broken Social Scene and Yeah Yeah Yeahs than Renegade Soundwave. Production wise, the record has that claustrophobic, echo-y Flaming Lips, Secret Machines, TV on the Radio vibe to it as well. Their best songs are quite infectious, and their debut single “Golden Skans” is approaching Gnarlesque status on the UK download charts, and with good reason. Indeed, Klaxons are definitely one of the better new British “rock” bands and definitely have the potential to break big; one thing for sure, they certainly don’t need a fly-by-night tag to distract them from their goal. Consider this recommended.

1. Two Receivers
2. Atlantis To Interzone
3. Golden Skans
4. Totem On The Timeline
5. As Above, So Below
6. Isle Of Her
7. Gravity’s Rainbow
8. Forgotten Works
9. Magick
10. It’s Not Over Yet
11. Four Horsemen Of 2012

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