Thursday, May 24, 2007

Elk City - New Believers

After her band’s original line-up dissolved with the departure of her main singing partner, Peter Langland-Hassan, Elk City frontwoman Renee LoBue wrote an album’s worth of material and turned to producer/percussionist Ray Ketchem for assistance. The reshuffling seems to have done the band some good, and with new recruits such as psych folk troubadour Brother JT on guitar and backing vocals, Elk City have made their best album to date. LoBue’s unique songwriting voice makes ‘New Believers’ a moving rendering of naked emotion without the usual cloying indie tricks of emo overindulgence or ironic detachment. Ketchem’s deft production, with its warm guitars, simple beats, and ear-candy swells, keeps the focus where it should be: on LoBue’s powerful pipes.

1. Cherries In The Snow
2. Little Brother
3. Silver Lawyers
4. Los Cruzados
5. White Walls
6. Totally Free
7. You Got Me
8. My Type Of Criminal
9. Melody
10. Nighttime
11. Magic Door

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