Thursday, May 24, 2007

Page France - …And The Family Telephone

On its third full-length studio outing, the Baltimore-based ensemble Page France offers up another accomplished set of indie-pop. Like the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy, frontman Michael Nau sings in a reedy voice, and, like Sufjan Stevens, he gilds his oddly ornate songs with plenty of bells and whistles. The band’s good-natured, whimsical aesthetic is evident throughout 2007’s ‘…And The Family Telephone’, particularly on the jaunty “Rooster and Its Crow” and the chiming “Hat and Rabbit,” which sounds like the Danielson Famile on a Velvet Underground kick.

1. Ruby Ring Man, The
2. Wet Dog Afternoon
3. Me Violin And Dancing Bear
4. Be My Pianist
5. Pigeons
6. Hat And Rabbit
7. Belly To The Sea, A
8. Belly In The Fish, The
9. Rooster And Its Crow
10. Joker’s Joke, The
11. Here’s A Telephone
12. Beggar’s Table Legs
13. Circus Head (Nobody Knows)
14. Casting Day

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