Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mouse On Mars - Varcharz

This 2006 release finds Mouse on Mars in a typically playful mood, but with perhaps a more frantic and harder edge than fans have come to expect. The beats here are aggressive, with abrasive layers of sound that build in intensity. The duo pays noisy respects to their Krautrock forebears on “Duul” and the Kraftwerk-esque “Retphase,” and they hypnotize with the thwack-thump electronica of “Inocular.” As un-bubbly as ‘Varcharz’ may be, it is inspiring to witness an act still growing and poking at the edges 10 albums into their career.

1. Chartnok
2. Igoegowhygowego
3. Duul (U With Two Dots)
4. Inocular
5. Skik
6. Hi Fienilin
7. Bertney
8. Retphase
9. One Day, Not Today

Click For Download (Part1)
Click For Download (Part2)

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