Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mugison - Little Trip

Mugison is Iceland’s one-man-band answer to Beck, an endlessly inventive performer who crams cool funk, music box balladry, and sound innovation into a suitcase filled with electronic sampling and studio gear. Creating loops in real-time, Mugison fills ‘Little Trip’ with a sardonically dark mood as he rolls across several varieties of pop music, absorbing all that fits his sound and discarding the rest. A fire burns in the heart of his work, no matter how chilly the surroundings may seem.

1. Petur Gretarsson
2. Go Blind
3. Little Trip To Heaven
4. Watchdog
5. Mugicone
6. Piano For Tombstones
7. Clip 10
8. Alone In A Hotel
9. Rush
10. Petur Por Ben
11. Watchcat
12. My Nobel Prize
13. Alone In The Office
14. Mugicone Part 2
15. Stiff
16. Sammi & Kjartan

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