Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jana Hunter - There’s No Home

Jana Hunter’s 2005 debut, ‘Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom’, is akin to Elliott Smith’s Roman Candle: ghostly, engaging tales of death and anxiety. Her latest finds the paranoia sliding away slightly. Recorded at a home in Houston with accompaniment from brother John on bass and drummer John Adams of Fatal Flying Guilloteens, the 15 songs eye home longingly, kicking up a folkier dust. Last summer’s sailboat tour with Peter & the Wolf was no doubt an influence, nomadicism as a lifestyle weaved throughout, from the procession of misplaced opener “Palms” to the awkward trot of “Babies.” Thankfully, Hunter still takes a witching stance: “Valkyries” and “Vultures” cast tales of mythical birds and hangings, “Regardless” mirrors Elliott Smith tethered with lap steel, and “Recess” is pure sunburned narcotic. On the closing title track, one finally gets to hear Hunter’s vocal range and her feeling comfortable in her skin.

1. Palms
2. Babies
3. Valkyries
4. Vultures
5. Movies
6. (Guitar)
7. Regardless
8. Bird
9. Pinnacle
10. (Guitar)
11. Oracle
12. Recess
13. Sirens
14. Sleep
15. There’s No Home

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