Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara

On their first two albums, the Toronto-based outfit Great Lake Swimmers offered up drowsy, spectral indie rock reminiscent of Low, Codeine, and Red House Painters. The band’s third effort, ‘Ongiara’, doesn’t deviate from the formula, but Tony Dekker’s fine songs and singing still shine through the lovely, dreamy mist of guitars, especially on “Backstage with the Modern Dancers” and the album’s closer “I Became Awake.” Those who like their slowcore with a dose of pastoral color will find the sonic landscapes of ‘Ongiara’ enchanting.

1. Your Rocky Spine
2. Backstage With The Modern Dancers
3. Catcher Song
4. Changing Colours
5. There Is A Light
6. Put There By The Land
7. I Am Part Of A Large Family
8. Where In The World Are You
9. Passenger Song
10. I Became Awake

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