Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Zincs - Black Pompadour

Though a Chicago resident, the Zinc’s frontman Jim Elkington hails from England. And his band’s sound on its debut, ‘Dimmer’, fits nicely between Morrissey and Belle and Sebastian on the Anglo meter, yet somehow the Zincs were able to dust off the proceedings with sly hints of Chicago Americana. ‘Black Pompadour’, the band’s second collection, contains similar allusions to Songs:Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company, but ups the ante with dazzling electric guitar interplay that toughens the sound and recalls a young Johnny Marr.

1. Head East, Kaspar
2. Coward’s Corral
3. Hamstrung And Juvenile
4. Rice Scars
5. Mogul’s Wives, The
6. Finished In This Business
7. Burdensome Son
8. Lost Solid Colours
9. Dave The Slave
10. Rich Libertines

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